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Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Cupping Therapy isn't new, but it is effective. And, it doesn't suck. Or, does it?


Cupping Therapy is an effective addition to treatment for elbow tendonitis. The suction from these medical-grade, silicone cups promotes increased blood flow to the tendon to facilitate healing.

This ancient method of soft-tissue intervention dates back to the 1500s when Egyptians used cupping techniques for therapeutic and medical intervention. With recent studies revealing the benefits of activating the dermal and fascial subsystem, I decided to get trained and give it a try.

The results of applying these medical-grade, silicone suction cups in strategically placed locations on my patients’ skin have helped them move and feel better—without causing pain or discomfort.


Yep! It’s a funny-looking therapy with all those colorful cups “sticking” to a patient’s skin. But, to be fair, many physical therapy (PT) exercises and modalities take a serious activity and make it fun (think bumpy foam rollers!). All whimsy aside, though, cupping therapy is very effective and definitely worth a try.


I practice cupping therapy using RockPod cups from RockTape to help my patients decrease pain and inflammation, increase circulation and promote relaxation. It’s a great addition to treatment for issues caused by overuse and sports-related injuries; auto accidents; extended sitting; gardening; and more:

- Elbow tendonitis or tendinosis

- Bursitis

- SI joint pain

- Sciatic pain

- Joint dysfunction

- Plantar fasciitis

If you’d like to give it a try, I’ll incorporate cupping therapy into your PT session. Schedule your appointment today. 303.913.4799

Stay healthy!

~ Amy

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